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Want to learn how the pros are fixing dents today?

"New EBOOK Shows EXACTLY How They Do It. Step By Step.

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Carefully compiled by Dentless Touch Master Technicians with over 25 years of PDR experience.

For the first time, you can jump-start your transition into the high-revenue fast-paced Paintless Dent Repair industry at a fraction of the cost!

Our method is simple: Learn the key skills in this ebook, then practice at home using the included exercises until you are ready to learn more. We have found this to be the best way to become a PDR expert quickly and cost-effectively.

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Using this program you can shortcut the common mistakes
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    Section #1: What is PDR?
  • What is Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)?
  • The Benefits of PDR
  • When Not to Use PDR
    Section #2: Learning the Basics
  • Your Dentless Touch PDR Training Toolset
  • How to Pick the Perfect Practice Panel
  • Setting Up Your Practice Hood
  • Reflection and PDR Lighting
  • Positioning and Reading Your Light
    Section #3: Setting yourself up for success
  • Leverage and Tool Placement
  • The Proper Stance
  • How to Find the Tip of Your Tool
  • The Levels of a Proper Push
    Section #4: Lock in your skills with practice
  • Exercise 1: The Grid
  • Exercise 2: The Clock
  • Exercise 3: The Knockdown
  • Repairing Your First Dent
  • Bonus Material

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